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We love designing brochures and flyers. Nothing tells your story better!



Annual Report:
Oceana Gold Corporation


The Sustainibility Report and acompanying Fact Book that we created for Oceana Gold have become their most important communications resources to investors. The use of the green and gold 
pallete creates a fresh visual approach for
the gold mining company - which helps positively reinforce their strong
eco-credentials and operations.



Annual Report:
General Sir John
Monash Foundation


The General Sir John Monash Foundation had to speak clearly to donors, affiliate universities and government and officials as the most prestigious academic scholarships available to extraordinary Australians. 



Corporate Comms.


If we do say so ourselves, no-one designs Corporate Communications materials as well as we do.


Stylish, sophisticated, clean, visual and easy to read.


These important pieces provide the primary public face of our clients' important communication to their stakeholders.



Anston Paving Stones 


Anston needed a catalogue and price guide for architects to be inspired with the way renowned landscape architects had used their high-end product range.



Sales Brochures:
Spartan School Supplies


If you have something to sell, the quality of your sales brochure is paramount.


Our award winning catalogue designs are based on simplicity of message and ensuring the product always comes first.





From healthy and mouth watering recipe books to eye-catching pamphlets in gyms... 


We have designed a broad range of colourful flyers and brochures that speak to diverse audiences.


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