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About Ginger...


Ginger is a delicacy, a medicine and a spice.
Perfect qualities for a branding and design agency.


Ginger Productions was established in 1998 to provide sophisticated designs, targeted advertising and global branding expertise with a level of unmatched personal service.


Our experienced team of creative design and branding specialists are dedicated to helping you connect with your market effectively through design and on target messaging.


We believe in these fundamentals


- Your brand is the public face of your business

- Your brand and your visual corporate identity are among your most important business assets

- Your branding and style must inspire confidence in your offering

- Confidence in your brand will ensure growth and profitability.



You deal directly with the principals!

At Ginger - you only ever deal with the most experienced person on the team - the founder. We ensure that your project is nurtured with the attention to detail and personalised attention it deserves.

Leah Boulton
Creative Director


Leah is one of Australia's most experienced Art Directors. She has worked at many leading advertising agencies (in Australia and London) such as JWT, Badjar, Ogilvy One, 
George Patterson Bates and Saatchi & Saatchi. 


Leah has developed campaigns for some of the biggest brands including Ford, Kraft, Nestle, Shell, Coles, CUB, National Australia Bank, British Gas, Hewlett Packard and Ericsson.


Leah has also been instrumental in developing many local brands such as the Shrine of Remembrance, Dairy Australia, South Melbourne Market and Oceana Gold Corporation.

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